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Mobile App Development

The Rising Popularity of Mobile Apps

The rise of the digitalization has brought about many changes in the world that we live in. From entertainment to business, a lot has changed with the introduction of mobile apps. Nowadays, getting information is not the concern but wading through easily available information to find what is most interesting has become the main concern of the customers.

Statistical data has shown that nearly 50% of the total internet usage comes from mobile devices, especially smartphones. To appeal to more customers, businesses are turning their attention towards communicating to potential customers through their smartphones. Our developers at Gadgetbytes are aware of the immense need for interactive mobile apps. This is why our mission is to create invigorating mobile applications for our clients.

Mobile App Development Process

At Gadgetbytes, the app development process that we follow encompasses several important considerations and factors. Let’s take you on a journey to understand how we approach mobile app development:

  • We believe that the first step towards developing a technically sound and attention-grabbing app is to understand the requirements of the client. A clear goal must be defined before any planning or strategizing takes place.
  • Next, a mockup or prototype is created to make sure that the development team is on the right track with their vision for the app. This also gives the client a clear picture of how the final mobile app with turn out.
  • Once the mockup is sanctioned, the next step is to gradually create the building blocks of the app. The back end of the app is created and codes are written for managing user sign ups and authentication procedures.
  • Developers are Gadgetbytes develop mobile apps that offer customized user experience and guide the user through the app easily. Next, features such as push notifications and sharing information on social networking etc. are added.
  • UI design and development, one of the most important parts of the app development, translates the technical design into the user interface. It is later implanted on the app.
  • Finally, testing takes place for quality assurance and fixing bugs. When the quality is finally acceptable, it is deployed.

Why Choose Gadgetbytes?

  • The core goal of our service is customer satisfaction and this is what our developers keep in mind when working on any project.
  • We possess the technical ability and as well as infrastructure to work with a number of different types of mobile applications.
  • We provide innovative solutions to your mobile app development needs and our ideas are backed by skill and vast industry experience.
  • Gadgetbytes provide highly skilled quality assurance and cross check the app on several different operating systems and platforms prior to deployment.
  • Our mobile applications ensure enhanced consumer experience and bring more traffic to your online presence.

We are dedicated to the creation of highly interactive apps that capture the imagination of your customers and give them a digital experience that they won’t forget anytime soon.

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