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Andorid Development

Android is the most widely used mobile OS. Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices today.

When Android was launched in 2007, it did not show great promise. However, after its acquisition by Google, it has gradually become more popular and shows no signs of slowing down. Today, over 80% of the smartphones users in the world are Android users. This bit of information itself might give you an idea of the OS that you need to be concentrating on to reach a wide audience through mobile apps.

At Gadgetbytes, we create Android applications that focus on user experience, ease of navigation, and overall high performance without glitches.

The digital world is all about pushing technology to its limits and coming up with innovative solutions. Some of the newly launched Android apps are virtual representation of this. The demand for innovation Android apps is on the rise and is ever growing with the number of Android devices being used keeps increasing.

Why Does Your Business Need an Android App?

The demands for Android apps have been off the charts these past few years. In fact, it is not just the big international brands that have caught up to the importance of Android apps for businesses. Several local and small businesses have launched innovation apps for Android devices to become top players in their industry.

  • They are comparatively low investment and give more returns. Android also provide a free of cost SDK or Software Development Kit that further brings down the cost of development.
  • The cost structure at Gadgetbytes is easy to understand and leaves no room for confusion. We assure quality and perform cross-device checking before deployment of the app.
  • Unlike some other mobile platforms, Android apps can be deployed through multiple channels and you don't have to rely on just one. This makes it easier to reach multitudes of users.